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Thursday, 30 July 2015

The qualities of Jesus as a teacher

As part of our lessons in Religious Education, we have been studying scripture, looking for evidence of how Jesus taught his followers. After identifying the qualities Jesus modelled for his Apostles, we created an advertisement calling for others to carry on Jesus mission on earth.
Do you want a job to teach. Well my mission on earth is about to end and I need someone who can take over and teach people about God. This is a full time commitment. My disciples will guide you on this journey to teach the world. If you have the skills of being happy, speaking with authority and wisdom, are able to get a message across and able to use a teachable moment, then you are right for this. You will be spreading the word of God. Your loyalty to god will help you. Every time you tell someone they will start to follow. My knowledge will help you through all the bad times. Are you willing to do this? So my brother or sister is this for you then ring at 021 534 768 or email.

WANTED a person who can teach the word of God through actions, and if people do not understand you are expected to make up stories (parables) that will make the student understand it easier. Talking is a very important quality and 99.9% of your work will be done like that, and have very thought provoking questions that make the crowd think for a while before answering. You will be working with the apostles and have many enemies, that will hate the catholic religion making you have to stand your own at will. If you do not have a strong lot of wisdom and knowledge, then sorry this job is not for you.

   you will have a 24-7 job with a zero hour contract
   you will have a traveling job that will go and inspire many to follow God
   you MUST be a catholic religion and only believe in the one true God, the Father of Christ
 for more information contact
or phone 0800 594 345

A confident person of any gender & any age wanted to teach others of the work of God & Jesus.

You must be able to get out there in your community and teach no matter where you are, no matter how many people show up and no matter the weather.

Must be able to speak clearly, with authority and in-front of large crowds of people.

As this job involves working with children and adults, you must be able to answer and ask thought provoking questions as well. So you need to know your stuff.

Must be able to teach by actions and word Speak at a medium pace and be clear when you speak so everyone can understand what you mean.

A person with knowledge & wisdom are skills needed in this job.  You must be able to speak with interest and know what you are talking about.
You must be able to see needs in a community and teach about it so that therefore, other can do the same.

every-day, all-day, every-where, except  on Sunday because of the Sabbath.

If you think this is you, Please contact us at . . .

Actually computers and phones aren’t invented yet so, um, find us teaching on the streets or somewhere .

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