Blogging Guidelines in Room 1


* BE SAFE: Do not give away your identity by posting…

- last name
- email
- phone number
- address
 - details about your life (e.g.  l love going Riding at 4pm on Wednesdays).
* BE RESPECTFUL- Follow the Comment Guidelines*- Don’t say anything that might be offensive to someone else.- Be considerate of others.
* BE LITERATE- Use your best grammar, spelling and punctuation.- No abbreviations and shortcuts incl.- You are showcasing yourself to the world. Be Proud of what you do!
For a comment to be accepted by a teacher, it will be at least one of the following;- Positive – Compliment the author on something specific they have shared.
 “I like the way…..”
- Making a Connection – Commenting about a post that reminds you of something you have read, seen, viewed or done.
 “I’ve read a book that is about Africa too!”
Helpful – Adding more information to the post. “Did you think about ….”
- Questions – Asking a question about a post. “Why did you….”
- Editing – Correct a grammatical or spelling mistake. “Remember to use a
  full stop…I think you spell…”
- Named. Own your comment! Comments should show others that you have read what they have written rather than just saying “great job”.

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